Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cool Nights=More Steelhead

Deschutes River
Steelhead season is here and going strong. For late August there are a good number of fish in the river, and the good news is bulk of the steelhead are still on their way. With the nights cooling down water temps are dropping which should start bringing in more and more fish into the Deschutes. We have been catching the occasional steelhead up river but you will wan’t to focus your efforts on the lower stretches of the Deschutes. Down river of Maupin is still the best bet. 

If you are still in need of a trout fix this is a great time to hit the Deschutes. Most of the people fishing the Deschutes have switched gears and are now fishing for steelhead. So if you prefer trout you should have the bulk of the spots all to yourself. The trout have seen a lot of different fly patterns by this time of yearso this is a good time to be fishing attractor patterns. You will also want to have some bigger caddis dry flies and nymphs with you. The October Caddis should start to show up in anytime. Back eddies and riffles is where you want to spend most of your time.

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Deschutes River Anglers

Monday, August 20, 2018

What's Your Pleasure

This time of season there are truly tons of great fishing options to be had. If rainbow trout is what you prefer, the Deschutes is fishing very good. During the heat of the day nymphing is the best way to catch Deschutes Redsides. But by no means is it the only way. If you know where to look there are still plenty of dry fly opportunities out there. 

If you enjoy catching brown trout with a smorgasborg of different techniques, then pack your bags and head to the Owyhee. Right now on the Owyhee River there are terrestrials, PMD's , lots and lots of midges, and the occasional caddis buzzing around. It's not a question of are there any bugs around, but which ones should you fish. There's a reason these brown trout grow so big in such a small river.

Last but not least, the almighty steelhead. They are showing up in good numbers on the Lower Deschutes. Steelhead fishing has seen ups and downs so far.  Fortunately, quite a few more ups than downs. Right now there is a thermal block at the mouth of the Deschutes which is slowing the steelhead up a bit. But with cooler days lately the thermal block should disappear real soon and when it does the flood gates will open and there should be gobs of steelhead shooting up the Deschutes. 

No matter your pleasure, it is a pretty amazing time to be fishing Central and Eastern Oregon right now.

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Deschutes River Anglers