Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Deschutes Owyhee

When we get hot weather we can get some unbelievable caddis hatches, and man has it been hot here lately. When hot snaps hit us like we are having, it makes the caddis go nuts and tons of them all hatch at once. Because of this we are having some of the best dry fly fishing of the summer. As long as the hot weather continues to stick around we should have good hatches and good to great dry fly fishing.

Steelhead season coming at us fast. The steelhead numbers are starting to ramp up over the dams and the number are looking pretty good, especially compared to last year.

The fishing on the Owyhee has also been very good. Just like the Deschutes, because of the hot weather the hatches having been going bonkers. Fishing the riffles the flats, you name it they've all been good. The longer the hot weather stays with us the sooner we will be fishing hoppers and those can really get those brown trout going.

Tight Lines

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