Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Time !!

Spring is starting early this year. With the snow pack bigger than we’ve seen in years, temps warmer than average for mid March and rain added to the mix, most of the rivers in Oregon are getting bigger by the second. The bad news is from the looks of things, the Owyhee and it’s Skwala hatch is going the way of the Dodo this season. Because of all the water that is running into to the Owyhee Reservoir it is making it un-fishable below the Damn. We’ve been needing this water for a long time and it will definitely help us down the road, but right now it isn’t doing us any favors. The good news is that with the snow melting right now there is less chance of any funny business during the Salmon Fly Hatch on the Deschutes. If anyone is interested in fishing one of the most amazing dry fly hatches for trout we still have a couple day open for either single day trips or an  overnight trip

See you on the river

Deschutes River Anglers


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