Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crazy Start

Deschutes River
Hello All!

Sorry for the lack of reports. Hitting the river so far this year has been a bit trickier than normal due to the all the snow and crazy weather we've been having. But with the few nicer days we've had lately, we did manage to get out and fish for a couple hours. Fishing is by no means red hot yet, but we managed to stumble into a few fish on dry flies. As soon as we get a few more warm sunny days the fishing should get good real quick.

Our Salmon Fly season is filling quick but we do still have a couple of openings left for our overnight trips.

Its been one heck of a start with ODFW this year. This is my 12th year with fish and wildlife working with steelhead on Trout Creek, and I can't remember Trout Creek ever being this crazy to start a season. The amount of water that has been flowing down the Creek has been pretty incredible.

Owyhee River
T-Minus 6 weeks (and counting), until we head for the Owyhee. Usually by the third week in March, we start seeing the Skwala Stone Flies.  If there's a better river to start your dry fly season off each year, I haven't found it.

Tight Lines

Deschutes River Anglers