Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tis the Season

Owyhee River
Tis the season for change on the Owyhee. The fishing has slowed due to the change of water levels. The first part of last week the Bureau of Rec. (AKA the irrigation people) started to raise the river which tends to knock the fish loopy for few days while they look for new homes. The river level went from a whopping 14 cfs which is low but normal for the time of year, up to just over 180 cfs in the past week. They raise the river every year sometime around now to provide more water for the local farmers. Now that the levels have stabilized for the past four days, the bite is starting to get better everyday. The level that the Owyhee is at now should be where it stays most of the summer.    

Deschutes River
Primetime on the Deschutes is just around the corner. With the return of the amazing weather starting this coming Sunday, primetime fishing will be here before we know it. Lately on the Deschutes we have had some good March Brown hatches and they should continue to get better everyday. Right now you can all but have the Deschutes to yourself and have a good chance of having some great dry fly action.

Don’t forget our biggest, baddest hatch on the Deschutes will be starting up in the next 3 to 4 weeks. It's the almighty Salmon Fly hatch. The bugs are giant and the fish are hungry, so don't miss it out on this amazing time on the Deschutes. 

If anyone is interested, I have one last two or three day window open for the Salmon Fly hatch. The available days are May 29-31, which is the tail end of Memorial weekend. These should be prime dates for the salmon flies this season due to the bigger winter we had. Plus these dates should dodge a lot of the weekend warriors and people fishing during the holiday weekend since we can takeout on a Tuesday. Other than these three days we have just a couple one day openings. If you have any questions or are interested let me know ASAP.  It's first come first serve.

Tight Lines

Deschutes River Anglers