Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Steelhead

Sandy River Steelhead

Let’s get right to the point…With the steady rain we’ve been getting it has made for some of the best, most consistent winter steelhead fishing that we’ve had in the past several years. The rain has brought the river levels up, but with that it has also brought in a steady stream of fish.  The nice thing about the higher water levels is that it pushes the fish closer to the shore which in turn creates the opportunity for shorter casts that need to be made.  As long as we keep getting the rain, the steelhead should keep running up the river and the fishing should continue to be awesome!  I wouldn't waste any time getting to the Sandy River because the fishing is HOT right now.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tons of options

Winter Steelhead
Through a chunk of December the winter steelhead fishing was all in all good. For the past 10 days or so fishing has slowed due to the lack of rain and low freezing levels. This has made the river crystal clear and water levels to drop a bit on the low side. But just in the past couple of days the freezing level has slowly started to creep  up and by the end of the week the weatherman is calling for rain, which should raise the water levels and bring in some new fresh fish.

Owyhee River
If you like fishing big dry flies for brown trout on small streams, get ready! We are just over two months away from one of the best hatches of the year on the Owyhee. The Skwalla Hatch. For those of you unfamiliar with Skwallas, they are a stonefly about an inch long that hatches in March and April. This is a big dry fly especially that early in the season. We have limited openings so contact us soon if you're interested in fishing the Owyhee.

Deschutes River
As of January 1st, 2016, the entire Lower Deschutes River is now open year-round for trout. So if you're getting the itch to do some early season rainbow trout fishing, the Deschutes is the place. Starting mid-February through March the Deschutes has some good midday Blue Wing Olive hatches, on top of  some of the best nymphing of the year. Then Starting Late March or early April, the March Brown Mayflies show up which can really get things going on the Deschutes.

The 2016 fishing season has begun and it's never too early to line up a day on the water. Give us a call if we can help you out.

Tight Lines,
Cory Godell