Tuesday, July 28, 2015

John Day or Deschutes River

John Day River
If you want to catch a pile of small mouth bass, it's time to head for the John Day River. The smallies are slamming everything that is below the surface. The Dries or surface bite, is picking up each day as the river clears up. It has been a bit slow because. Just under about 10 days ago a thunder storm hit the John Day and blew out the main stem. Since then the river has been clearing and the top water bite has been getting better each day.

The John Day River is the third longest undamed or free flowing river in the United States. So water levels are dropping quick. But we should have enough water to get us through most of if not all of August.

Deschutes River
If you like to fish for rainbow trout on a blue ribbon trout river, the Deschutes is a great place to be right now. Caddis and mayfly season is in full swing and there's hardly a soul to be seen. What more could a trout fisherman want.

Just over a week ago Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shut down several rivers in Oregon due to hot water temps in an effort to save salmon and steelhead. The Deschutes River remains open for both trout, and steelhead except for the lower 23 miles of the river. On the lower 23 miles you can fish for the steelhead from day break till 2 P.M. each day. Even though the fishing day is short the fishing has been good for steelhead.

Water levels on the Deschutes remain good.

Tight Lines

Deschutes River Anglers

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bassin and Troutin

Deschutes River/ John Day River

Fishing on the Deschutes still remains good. If you like hunting for rising trout along slow moving banks or in back eddies, this is a great time to be on the Deschutes. The Deschutes is still fishing good and should continue to do so for the next couple of months. But with the cooler weather that has hit us of late the hatches have slowed a bit. Because of this we are going to be switching gears a bit.

Off and on for the next six weeks we are going to be spending time on the Deschutes and John Day Rivers. The John Day River is an amazing small mouth bass fishery. With the hot summer we've been having, the small mouth bite is off the charts right now. The water is warm and the bass are attacking everything in sight. The John Day is running a little lower than normal, but what this has done is kegged up the bulk of the fish. It's almost like casting to fish in a barrel. Unlike the Deschutes, on the John Day you are allowed to fish from a boat. Which makes this a river fun for all ages. Whether you prefer throwing streamers or fishing poppers on the surface, the John Day is the place to be right now.

Don't forget steelhead is now just around the corner. Fishing should get good in just under a month and continue to be good right on through November.

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Deschutes River Anglers