Thursday, April 23, 2015

Opening Day is Here

  Deschutes River
It's that time of the year. Opening day for the Lower Deschutes is just around the corner. The long term forecast is saying that there are some clouds coming in with a slight chance of rain. If this weather doesn't  change it should really help get the fishing going good. If we do get some rain, keep your eyes peeled for some BWO's, and there's a chance of some March Browns still kicking around. If the hatches do show up, it will more than likely be sometime around the middle of the day. Regardless, it will be great to get the drift boat out and start fishing the D again.

f the weather stays warm like it has been for the past forever, be ready for the salmon flies to show up even earlier than normal. 



This Saturday, April 25 is the opener for the Lower D. From then on the entire lower 100 miles of the Deschutes will be open for trout through October and through the end of the year for steel. 

Winter steelheading on the Sandy River is all but done for another season. Steelhead fishing will kick back up again starting in December. 

But it's not to early to start thinking about summer steelhead on the Deschutes. Early August is a good time to start targeting them. There are generally good numbers of steelhead in the lower 23 miles of the Deschutes. In August you tend to run into some of the hottest, strongest steelhead of the season. Come September, there are even more steelhead in the river than August, which never hurts the cause. Generally, in early to mid September the nights and water temps are starting to cool down which usually makes fishing more consistent. Come October, pretty much every steelhead that planned to enter has entered by then. Plus in October and November the water temps are generally all but perfect.

We are winding up a great season of Skwalla fishing on the Owyhee River. Even though the water levels were all but record lows(14 cfs), the fishing was still as good if not better than a lot of years. The Skwallas may be gone for another year, but because of the warmer than average weather we've been having, the Caddis are already showing up in good numbers. When a few cloudy days showed up last week, so did the May flies and they showed up in force. 

As of Sunday, the Owyhee river has been on the rise. Usually when this happens the fishing slows for a few days until the fish get use to the extra water and find their new homes.

Here is one of the beauties that gobbled a dry fly for us on our last trip.

We are down to just a few open days left for the Salmon Fly Hatch. So if you are interested give a call soon.

Cory Godell
Deschutes River Anglers

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things are heating up everywhere!

Winter Steelhead 
This is what we've been waiting for all winter, a new storm to hit our area about every week or so. With the shot of rain that hit our area last week, the Sandy River jumped up which bought in a fresh slug of winter steel. As long as rain keeps hitting us, fishing should remain good right on through April. Late March through April is the time of season when there is good numbers of natives running around in the river. And with water temps climbing these big ole fish are getting awful grabby. 

Owyhee River
The Skwallas are starting to show on the Owyhee River.  Fishing has been a little up and down so far. This is pretty normal early in the Skwalla hatch. It usually takes the bulk of the fish several days of seeing the Skwallas to fully lock in on them. The fishing should get better and better the more we get into April. On top of Skwallas cruising around there are still plenty of  BWO's still hatching.  No need to get up to early, the hatches haven't been coming off till noon or later.

Deschutes River
The entire Lower Deschutes River will be open in less than a month. Mostly what goes on for the first three weeks or so is nymphing. But, by mid May is when the Deschutes is firing on all cylinders. That is when the mother of all hatches is starts to go. The all mighty Salmon Fly Hatch. On most years, it generally starts around the middle of May and goes through a small chunk of June. This is the hatch that everyone should fish at least once in their lifetime. But odds are if you fish it once you will continue to fish it year after year. There's a reason this is the most popular time of the season to be on the Deschutes. 

Tight Lines

Deschutes River Anglers