Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Steelhead
Since the rain has slowed so has the fishing. Due to the lack of rain the river is getting low and clear which has made fishing tougher than normal for the time of year. The good news is that there is rain in the forecast and there is still plenty of the winter steelhead season left. So be ready to hit the river when the rain hits our area. With rain comes fish.

Owyhee River
Signs of life are starting to show on the Owyhee. There has been the occasional blue wing olive showing up. Not much in the way of a hatch to get the fish overly excited yet, but soon things will start to happen. We are just over a month away from when the skwallas typically start showing up. Because of the warmer than normal temperatures of late, don't be surprised if things start a bit earlier this season.

If you are interested in some early season dry fly action give us a call.

Middle Deschutes
The black stones aka winter stones are here and going strong. Because of all the warm and sunny days we've had it's put the middle D and it's hatches in overdrive. Fishing should remain good on the stone flies for at least another couple week. Keep and eye on the water levels. The flows can go up and down due to irrigation canals being turned on a off each month.

Don't forget, opening day for the Lower Deschutes is April 25

Tight Lines,

Deschutes River Anglers

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter Time Fun

Winter Steelhead or
Big Browns
Big Dries 

With the bulk of the Deschutes shut down for the next couple of months, here are a few other fishing options we have going on now or in the near future.

Winter Steelhead 

If you're wanting to chase chase wild winter steelhead on the classic swung fly, the Sandy River is one of the best in Oregon. A long season, strong returns of winter chrome, and plenty of beautiful fly water that just begs to swing a fly through are trade marks of this gem. Hot grabby fish don't hurt either, and they are there for sure. Our one day float trips are in a more remote beautiful canyon section that feel incredible wild, considering its close proximity to metro portland. It s hard to believe how close it is and what a great fishery the Sandy truly is. This makes a perfect trip to Pick up the Spey rod and chase those elusive winter steelhead. The pay off is when your tailing a chrome bright wild winter fish is well worth it. Join us this winter on a unique and fun fishery.
Fishing has been off and on good for the past couple of weeks. With the rain that has hit us the past couple of days, the river has come up and seems to of brought some new fish in. Generally your best chance at a hooking steelhead is after a good rain. Usually a shot of fresh water will bring in a new slug of fresh fish.
If you want a shot at one of these amazing fish give us a call.

Owyhee River Brown

If you like fishing big dry flies for brown trout, you need to check out the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon. The Skwalla hatch is coming up fast which is the hatch that really kick starts the Owyhee for the season. It usually shows up around the latter part of March
and continues through most of April. This is the time of year when the browns really start packing on the pounds after a long winter. Don't let the water levels fool you that time of year. Even though the river is not much more than a trickle the Owyhee holds some of the best browns that Oregon has to offer.
Skwalla Stone Fly

We still have still have a few open dates available for anyone who likes to catch big browns on dry flies

See you on the river

Deschutes River Anglers