Thursday, December 4, 2014

Coming to and end

Well 2014 is about over and done with, and it's been a great season.  
It was nice to wrap it up with a quality steelhead season. There where  
some really strong, chunky, two salt fish that flat pulled and kicked  
some butt. That is why we endure the mental roller coaster that is  
steelheading, a fish with heart and will make that reel sing. It was  
more consistent than the last two seasons and that is a trend that we  
hope continues. All in all it was a solid steelhead season and we hope  
you had a chance to get in on it.
Fortunately there is some time left to stick some Deschutes steel, but unfortunately it is coming to a close fast. Trout fishing has been closed from Pelton Dam to the Northern Tribal boundary since October 31st ( see ya next spring "redsides", pack on some fat this winter.). Steelhead closes in that same section ( Pelton to the Boundary) on December 31st. Clock is ticking. The tribal permit section ( Dry Creek to Trout Creek) has been closed since October 31st. Below the Northern Reservation Boundary ( Maupin) to the mouth is open year round for both trout and steelhead. We tend to ease off these summer steelhead late in the season and give em a chance to winter over and spawn. When the calendar turns to January and February it's hard to chase dark fish when our coastal rivers are receiving hot, big, bright winter runs. With that said our Deschutes season has wound down, boats are tipped up and plugs pulled. Time to chase steel on other rivers and a change of scenery.
Next up on our itinerary is late winter and spring trout on the Deschutes. The Owyhee River is the spring highlight if you like dry flies and alligator jawed browns. The "O" is an amazing spring fishery. Good dry fly opportunity and really big willing browns. Come hit the Skwalla ( stonefly) hatch ( mid to late March through April) on the Owyhee with us. Start your season off in this desert hog pen, it does not disappoint.
Thanks to a great season and letting us share our home waters with you. 

Happy Holidays

Cory Godell 
Deschutes River Anglers