Saturday, August 9, 2014

Steelhead are here!

Deschutes River

Steelhead season is finally here! The numbers of steelhead coming over the dams on the Columbia are great for early August. There has been almost twice as many steelhead that have come over the dams already when compared to last year at this time. There has already been some fish being caught around Maupin and there is very little fishing pressure in that area. In the mornings and evening floating lines have been working well, but when the sun shows itself, it's time to put a sink tip on to get your flies further down to the fish. Generally the mornings have been fishing the best due to the water temps being at their best. The temps are usually starting in the low 60's and by the end of the day are in the high 60's to low 70's.

The trout fishing continues to be up and down, but all in all its fishing plenty good for August. The caddis hatches are still going with some occasional mayfly hatches mixed in. Nymphing has been the best bet during the heat of the day. If you are dry fly fishing, keep your eyes peeled in the slower moving water such as soft spots along the banks or in back eddies. To increase your odds of catching fish on dries, fish smaller flies #18 and on 6X. Like most days on the Deschutes for trout, the evenings are still generally your best bet.

Tight Lines,

Deschutes River Anglers