Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seasons are changing

Deschutes River 
Time feels like it slows and the summertime pace on the river is a vortex that just lulls you in. This is not a bad thing at all.  Heck, I think we do what we do because we enjoy that pace; it’s all just “ river time”.  Sure beats having an iPhone attached to your face all day. 

Summertime on the Deschutes brings amazing weather; good solid fishing, both nymphing and great dry fly opportunity with the caddis, and fun camping trips with friends and family.  This year has been no different.  When the caddis pop (hot still days) the fishing has been good. If the wind comes up or we have slight blips in the weather radar, the nymphing fills in the gaps for us.

In just over a month we can double dip and fish for both trout or steelhead.  The beauty of the Deschutes is that we have it all, good trout and steelhead fishing.  Watch the fish counts as they come over the dam and start getting ready for steelheading. 

Owyhee River
Of late the fishing has been a bit tough on the Owyhee. There have been plenty of midges coming off in the morning; the fish are eating them, but to catch them you need to go with super light leaders to have a chance. Usually around 11:00 a.m. the PMD's have been popping, which makes fishing a bit easier. The PMD fishing will generally stay good until late afternoon. 

Before you know it, it will be time to put away the midges and PMD's and pull out the big bugs again. Usually sometime around the first of August terrestrial season begins. And this is when the fishing can get HOT!
Tight Lines,

Cory Godell
Deschutes River Anglers

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Caddis Time

Deschutes River

It's been a week or better since the last sighting of a salmon fly and with them disappearing for another season so has the bulk of the people. We are now officially in caddis season on the Deschutes River. With the cool snap that hit us a few days ago it has slowed our caddis down, but the weather is already starting to heat up and the bugs are becoming more and more active everyday. Our prime caddis season is from now through mid august. After that the trout fishing slows for a bit but about that same time the steelhead start to show and the real fun begins.

John Day River

We've been spending a more time on the John Day River this season. It's a river you only what to fish  if you enjoy catching piles of fish. The John Day is stuffed full with Small Mouth Bass that love to eat poppers and any dry fly you wish to throw. The John Day is unlike the Deschutes in the sense you can fish out of the boat which makes it the river perfect  for all ages. But just like the Deschutes it's a high deserts setting and it's rare to see anything but beautiful skies and big horn sheep as you float. The window to float/fish it is kind short because the John Day river is the third longest free flowing river in the country.

Tight Lines

Deschtues River Anglers