Monday, April 21, 2014

Here we go the opening bell is about to ring! The river opens April 26 from Pelton Dam to the Northern Reservation Boundary. Winter is about over and before you know it we'll be throwing salmon flies, whoo hoo. With the newish water temperature management regime and the warm weather (much like last year), we could potentially see the big bugs popping soon. In the mean time most of the action will be nymphing. This time of year can be some great fishing, tie on a big old ugly stonefly nymph and a little trailer and get after it. As the salmon fly and stone fly nymphs get spunky and ready to move to hatch the nymphing can be dyno-mite. The "Redsides" this time of year are plumb and super spunky, some of the best fish of the year will come to hand early in the season and the salmon fly hatch. Added bonus, March browns and blue wing olives can show up day to day and add some super fun dry fly opportunity, when they go. If you see these "sailboats" start popping look for heads up in the eddies and soft seams. A dry and a drop in the edges of riffles is good too in the early stage of the hatch.

Winter Time Job at ODFW
It's been another good winter running the smolt trap and working on steelhead restoration in Trout Creek. It's fun playing in the creek all winter, but I'm excited to get back on the Deschutes. It is time to dust off the rods for sure.
Trout Creek went from being a little trickle to being the big muddy this winter. 

Owyhee River
We had a good spring on the Owyhee as we where waiting for the big "D" to open up. It should continue to fish as well. This Eastern Oregon gem is really neat fishery for some quality brown trout. Highly recommend checking it out some time. There is a reason we drive east to fish it.

Steelhead season is filling in as well. Choice between early season lower river (August-September), or later in the fall upper river (October-November). Either way we can't wait for the steel to show up.

If we can help plan your next Deschutes adventure or help in any way, please let us know. Thanks again for fishing with us and hope to see you on the river this year. 

Cory Godell

Friday, April 4, 2014

Owyhee and Skwallas

Deschutes River

The bulk of the Lower Deschutes River is still closed, but opening days is just around the corner. On April 26 is when the entire Lower Deschutes is open for business for another season.

Owyhee River

Since the Deschutes is closed this time of the year we venture east to our favorite brown trout fishery, the Owyhee River. The Owyhee is located in far eastern Oregon, about 30 minutes outside a small town named Vale. The Owyhee is a very small river to say the least, it only flows about 25 to 30 cvs this time of year, but it is filled with a lot of quality browns. If you like to fish big dries on small rivers this is a place you have to check out. Right now the Skwalla Stones fly hatch is happening on the Owyhee. The Skwallas is the first major hatch that kicks off our season on the Owyhee. If you are not familiar with the Skwalla, its a stone fly that has an olive body and usually hatches in the spring and is about the size of a Golden Stone.

Skwalla Stone Fly

A beautiful fish on a beautiful day. March 31st.

Tight Lines

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