Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skwalla Time

Owyhee River
At last the skwallas have arrived on the Owyhee. For the past five to six days the fish have been really keying in on the big bugs. The fishing should continue to get better and better until the water jump next month. Even if you don't see Skwallas it's worth tying one and casting it around for a bit. You will rarely see many if any naturals unless you are looking hard for them. It doesn't matter how many naturals you see the main thing is that the fish know what they are and with such a big meal floating down the river the fish will find them. 
Keep an eye on water levels over there. They generally increase the amount of water coming out of the dam around the middle of April but last year they got us and raised it around the April 1st.

Deschutes River
Don't forget we are just over a month away from opening day for the Lower Deschutes. The entire 100 miles of Lower Deschutes opens April 27th this year. More then likely when things open up a good chunk of your day will be spent nymphing but there is a good chance you will see some March Browns, some Caddis and BWO's. If you start seeing bugs start looking for rising fish in the back eddies and riffles, those areas tend to be the best bet early in the season.

The Salmon Fly hatch usually starts sometime around the middle of May so be ready. If you are thinking you want to do a Salmon Fly trip this season let us know soon, our calendar is filling up quickly.

Deschutes River Anglers