Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainbows, Browns and Steelhead

Trout Season Is Over Yet
If you haven't had time to hit the Deschutes River of late now is the time. The trout fishing is still worth heading down for. Chances are that you will have most of the river to yourself, which is always a good thing.The bulk of the trout are looking for slower water this time of season since the majority of their food is getting to be on the smaller side of things. Like always look for riffles, slower water inside of faster water and of course back eddies. Caddis flies are still the may food for the trout on the Deschutes River this time of year. 

Owyhee River Prime Time
Terrestrials early and late, little bugs in the middle. The Browns on the Owyhee are big and hungry this time of year. Right now the problem isn't finding fish that are eating it is figuring out what they are eating. You can use from big flies (and I mean big) to as small as you want to go. Sometimes it depend on the time of day of what you should be casting. Other times it depends on how fussy the fish are being. 

Steelhead Time!
If a steelhead is what you need to steady your nerves, it's time to get to the Deschutes. The steelhead fishing is already been good on the Lower part of the Deschutes. The bulk of the fish are still below Maupin but are moving up quickly. Since we've had a number of hot days in a row the steelhead should be moving up the river quicker then normal in search of colder water.