Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 22

Opening day on the Deschutes is only a few short days away. On April 22nd the entire 100 miles of the Lower Deschutes will be OPEN!!!

The Skwala's on the Owyhee are starting to wind down. If we are lucky, the bugs will stick around for another week or so.  The fishing this spring on the Owyhee has been one of the more consistent springs we've had, with the exception of the weather mudding up the river for part of one day. This is the time of the month we need to watch the water levels. Usually around April 15th the damn raises the water level to help the farmers so they can start their irrigation. When this happens it tends to knock the fish loopy for a few days and fishing can be very tough.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dry Fly Season Has Begun

Here's the short and simple of it. If you like fishing dry flies on small streams for brown trout, the Owyhee is the the place to be right now. The warm weather that hit us the past few days has really cranked up the Skwalla hatch. The skwalla hatch should have a week or so left until it's gone for another year. 

Don't forget trout season on the Lower Deschutes opens in just over 3 weeks. April 22nd is the lucky day this year. 

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Deschutes River Anglers

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Fun Is Just Beginning

Happy Spring from Deschutes River Anglers! 

It finaly seems winter has let go of it's final grasp. Spring time is lovely here in Central Oregon and so is the fishing! Wild flowers, scattered rain showers, intermintent sunshine, heapes of bugs, and happy hungry trout. There is so much to look forward to in the next coming months.

First off, were wrapping up the springtime season on the Owhyee River. Overall, the fishing was pretty darn good fishing a mixture of Skwallas and midge patterns. 

April 22nd marks the opener for trout fishing on the Lower Deschutes River from Northern Boundry of the Warm Springs Reservation to Pelton Dam. This is exciting for us! Back to work we go and we hope you can join us for some fun springtime trout fishing. The last few weeks of April through the first week of May can be stellar trout fishing conditions. A plethora of mayflies and stonefly nymphs begin to become very active. Cloudy days can bring out insane Blue Wing Olive and March Brown hatches. Back eddies and riffles can explode with rising redsides. There is nothing better!!! When the dry fly action is slow, nymphing migrating stonefly nymphs and various mayfly nymphs can be lights out. Floating the day stretch or multi day section, Trout Creek to Maupin, the scenery does not get better. The river is quiet and vibrant of colors, from bloosiming wild flowers to the green grass of the canyon hills. If you have never seen early Spring on the Lower Deschutes, I strongly encourage it! The spring has many favorable characteristics for the trout fishing. 

The Second week of May brings out... well you know! The Salmonfly Hatch. Big bugs known as "Pteronarcys Californica" hatch in huge numbers along the grassy banks and trees of the Deschutes River. The Trout respond in a chaotic manner. Linning the banks or hunkering below overhanging alders, these big clumsy bugs don't stand a chance. The salmonfly hatch is defintiely one of the most productive times for trout fishing for the entire year on the Lower Deschutes. 

June marks the time of year where we transtion. We continue to guide the Lower Deschutes and the fishing will remain excellent. Caddis and mayflies become the main entree for trout. The busy crowds of people from the salmonfly hatch vanish away, and all is right on the Lower Deschutes River. June and July are still prime time season for trout fishing. There is a lot of avaiabality for day and multi day trips. Another opportunity is also avaiable in June. The John Day River flows just east of the Deschutes river and is a fantastic smallmouth bass fishery. Were talking 100 fish days no problem. Small Mouth Bass are loads of fun. These aggressive fish will explode on topwater poppers or crush small streamers. Fishing is done out of a boat. Multi day camp trips on the John Day is a cool change of pace and scenery. For those looking to get family or beginners into fly fishing, the John Day is a great option. 

We are looking forward to fishing with you and having another great year on the Lower Deschutes, John Day, and Owhyee River. The season is only just starting! 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Deschutes=Trout Creek=Steelhead

I just started my 14th season working on the Trout Creek project for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. We are trying to create better habitat which improves the stealheads' chances of survival and provides more areas for them to spawn. Trout Creek is the main spawn tributary of the Deschutes for summer run steelhead.

Roughly 20 percent of all the steelhead that swim up the Deschutes go up Trout Creek to spawn. Some steelhead only make it up the creek a couple hundred yards where others travel over 40 mile up it to spawn. It’s nothing short of incredible what these fish go through.

We are exactly two months away until the entire 100 miles of the Lower Deschutes opens up. April 22nd is our lucky day this year. 

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Deschutes River Anglers

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Bites On

All this amazing weather we've been having, hasn't just got us excited, it has also got the fish super excited. These hot February days are warming up the water temps quickly which has made the bug hatches come off like crazy for the past week. All these bugs have made for some amazing midday dry fly action. As long as the warm weather continues to be awesome, so should the fishing.

If you haven't gotten signed up with us for the Skwalla hatch this March/ April, you're going to have to wait until next season. Our calendar is all booked up for those two months. If you can't wait until 2019 to fish the Owyhee, another great option is to join us over there in August and/or September for some hopper fishing.

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Deschutes River Anglers

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Still fish to be caught

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!

This time of year bug hatches are definitely few and far between, but if you know where to look there are still fish to be caught. There is the occasional blue wing olive hatch during the heat of the day. If the BWO's don't show, a dry dropper combo has been very productive. You never know whats gonna be bitting on the nymphs. 

Skwalla season on the Owyhee River will start kicking off mid March thru mid April. This is an awesome time of the year as eager brown trout slurp down Skwalla Stoneflies. 

If you have any questions about the Owyhee and it's skwallas or the Deschutes feel free to contact us or check out our website.

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Deschutes River Anglers

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

So Many Options So Little Time

Happy New Year from Deschutes River Anglers

First things first, Thanks to all who fished with us last year. We look forward to fishing with you this coming year. 
2017 was a year of ups and downs, but mainly ups. We usually start our season on the Owyhee fishing it’s skwala hatch. Normally when we show up the river is flowing around 50 cfs. This year it was flowing in the realm of 3000 cfs. Needless to say the river had way, way to much water to fish last spring. 

Next came the Salmon fly hatch on the Lower Deschutes. It started a little on the late side due to the crazy winter we had. But once the big bugs showed, it fished good as always and  fished well into June.

Late June through August produced some of the best caddis hatches that the Deschutes has seen in years. This made for some of the most consistent fishing that we could ask for during the hot summer months.

In June, July and August we also spent several days on the John Day River fishing for small mouth bass. The John Day is a river where you go to catch fish, not to go fishing. The amount of fish in this river is nothing short of amazing. Come one come all, this is truly a river for all ages since you can fish from the boat. 

Come the latter part of August and September, we switched gears and headed for the Owyhee River. If you haven’t been there before, the Owyhee is a beautiful tail water fishery in far Eastern Oregon. In August and September we are primarily fishing hoppers mixed with the occasional caddis and mayfly.

To finish out our season, late September through most of November we were back on the Deschutes fishing for steelhead. The numbers were down this year but the great news is that so were the anglers, which made fishing much better than expected. Plenty of steelhead were found and for the trout fisherman the trout fishing during that time was off the charts.  

2018 should be another great year. Steelhead returns can only go up from last season. The Owyhee River should be a great early spring option if we have a normal winter. The Lower Deschutes trout season starts the last weekend of April. This is a lot to look forward too.

We look forward to fishing with you!

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